By watching a video our brain combines visual and sound perception which improves memory. In addition, in today’s social networking video viewing rates are much higher compared to reading a text article.

product presentation

professional approach

Our approach to our clients is professional, yet still friendly. We’ll always find a suitable solution. Even if your customer awaits higher standards.

fast production

We can create any project really quickly, yet still precisely. Should you need something to be done urgently, we never miss a deadline. You can count on it!


We will save you a lot of time since we can create the entire project “under one roof” – from the initial idea, script, to dubbing and subtitling and finally to video promotion.

wide experiences

Because we have been making videos for a long time already, we have a wide experience list with various clients including Matador, Telekom, Profession or Rajecké Teplice Spa.

video types

from our production

We are able to create various high quality videos. You can try us.

Learn more about each type of video, see the demos of our work below and let us know which one you are interested in and would like to use for your company.

Bird’s-eye view camera shots are still very trendy.

Show your business, campus or event from above! This is the way people don’t see it every day. No need for wings. All you need is just a small drone that shoots high-quality shots and creates visually engaging video from an unconventional perspective. Unique camera shots are guaranteed!

Introduce your business the right way.

Introduce your business to your potential and regular clients. Show them your advantages, present your values and principles. Open up, engage, build a good image and gain the trust in an increasing number of customers.

Attract more valuable employees.

Are you looking for employees but don’t know how to attract them and make them work for you? Present yourself as an attractive employer, highlight employee benefits and show how their future job looks like. You’ll for sure receive many CVs.

This is a fast and secure way to train your employees.

Have you found new employees and need to train them? Provide them a training video that briefly and clearly summarizes their duties and explains work instructions. They’ll be able to rewatch it whenever they need or in case anything should be unclear to them. Thanks to this video, their duties will be clear for them.

Show your company in the best possible light!

If your product or service has competitive advantages or features you want to present to the public, show it directly in the video. Potential customers believe more in what they see with their own eyes. You have nothing to lose.

One of the most searched terms on the internet among videos starts with “How to …”, which proves that people are often watching “How to …” tutorials.

Show them the whole process simply with step-by-step instructions how to proceed in each situation, where to go, how to use your product etc.

Introduce your services or business through a more personal video.

Shoot an interview or introduce your business in a self-introduction video. We can help you shoot a series of lectures where you can describe your services in more detail. This will help your customers get to know your business much better.

We can record special moments on such a special day and create a memorable wedding video.

Are you looking for someone to help you record the most beautiful day of your life, whether it is a video or photography? Very important part of it is having experienced video producers because no one wants to remember their wedding day in a low quality and unprofessional wedding video.

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We use professional technology for video production to guarantee high quality videos.

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